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All dogs can experience some negative effects to the stress of boarding. You can help ease their anxiety a bit by bringing some things from home.

FOOD: Please bring along enough of your dog's regular food for her stay. It is important to not change her diet while she is in an already potentially stressful situation; therefore, we do not provide food. You can leave her bowls at home.

MMMM...SMELLS LIKE HOME: Bringing along Fluffy's regular bed or special blankie is a great idea. The more her nest in her kennel smells like home, the easier she will adjust to being away from you. If she doesn't normally have her own blanket (maybe she just uses yours), how about a nice, sweaty t-shirt from the last time you worked out? Trust us, the stinkier the better, particularly for those dogs with no prior boarding experience or those who just simply like to have something to worry about.

ESSENTIAL OILS: We have found essential oil of lavender to be very successful when applied to the foot pads or inside the ear flap to ease individual dog's bouts of anxiety or nervousness. doTerra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade lavender oil is diffused in the kennel building every night for a calm, restful sleep for everyone (including us!). Occasionally, a Nervous Nellie's stool will let us know her tummy is reacting to some stress. At these times we use a doTerra digestive blend of essential oils (approved for use on canines, of course). This is usually applied under the guise of a belly rub. Combined with some extra attention and a bit of lavender oil, it doesn't take long for the pup to feel much better. Please feel free to ask us questions about the use of essential oils on your pets!

Vaccines are vitally important to give all dogs a healthy boarding experience.

RABIES: Before we will accept your dog into our kennel, we must have proof of current rabies vaccination. The rabies certificate given to you by your veterinarian will suffice. Not completely sure where that piece of paper went? That's okay - give your vet a call and most offices are happy to email us a copy for verification. Please be aware if you arrive for your boarding stay without this verification your dog will NOT be allowed to stay with us. To avoid any undue inconvenience, be sure to arrange this ahead of time.

BORDETELLA/DISTEMPER/PARVO: Bordetella, aka kennel cough, is the canine equivalent of a common cold spread easily from dog to dog. Distemper and Parvo are very serious diseases, and your vet has likely recommended vaccination for these two illnesses whether your dog is ever boarded or not. For the safety and well-being of all the dogs, we require these vaccinations a minimum of one week before boarding. Again, please be aware if you arrive for your boarding stay without proof of current vaccination (within the past twelve months) your dog will not be allowed to stay with us. We take our responsibility for the dogs with which we are entrusted very seriously and will not make exceptions.

PUPPIES: In general, puppies are not given their rabies vaccination as well as their last round of initial boosters until they are 16 weeks of age, hence our age restriction. We want to ensure your sweet lil' fuzzball is well protected from this inherent risk of boarding. Please visit with your veterinarian about any  questions or concerns you may have regarding the timing of vaccination.

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