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     Thank you so much for visiting our site and considering trusting us with your four-legged family members! Both Will and I have owned dogs our entire lives. In fact, we can count on one hand the months either of us have spent without a canine companion. Dark days, indeed! We are two ordinary people with an extraordinary love for animals, particularly dogs and horses. It was our dream for many years to turn our home property into a boarding kennel so we could spend our time surrounded by furry friends, and when the time was right the dream came true! How many people get to say that?

     We have raised four wonderful, intelligent, creative, goofy, imperfect children together. Our eldest, Heidi, graduated from Columbia Falls High School in 2010 and University of Montana Western in 2014 (BA in Biology) and was married in December 2015. That lucky dog next to her in the red wedding photo is Jim, who is working his way towards a pharmacy degree. They live in Dillon, MT. Dezirae graduated CFHS in 2011, married Jake in June 2015 (pink wedding photo), and embarked on a Grand Adventure to Virginia, where she will teach in a preschool while Jake finishes his degree in Linguistics. Lexi graduated CFHS in 2013 and is currently enrolled at University of Montana Western majoring in Wildlife Conservation. She plans on a semester abroad Down Under to study Marine Ecology. Our last, Zayne, graduated from CFHS in 2014, chose to serve our country in the United States Air Force, and will be deployed to Japan in the fall. As you can see, he was missing from Dezi & Jake's wedding, but he put on his dress blues where he was based in FL and attended through FaceTime. God bless whoever came up with that technology!

     We also have four-legged children, of course! Satchmo, our handsome poster-child, is now eleven years old and hasn't slowed down a bit. Sawyer, on the other hand, is Mr. Mellow Yellow Lab. He is seven and has yet to speed up. Doodlebug is our gregarious, bubbly, social butterfly in a Mini Australian Shepherd body. Bebe, another Mini Aussie (one is never enough) is very reserved around people, but turn her loose with a group of dogs, and it is GAME ON!! Our one cat, Daisy, spends most of her time plotting the demise of her multiple canine adversaries. Outside the house, Murdoch, Sienna, and Glory rule the barnyard and show us how creatively hay areas can be broken into and just how easy it is for a smart horse to jimmy gate latches. Our seven hens enjoy helping us practice every day for Easter egg hunts. We learn so much from our animals and love communicating with them. As our two-legged critters have grown and left us, our laps and arms and hearts have been filled with more legs, wet noses, velvety noses, ears, and tails than we can count. We have been richly blessed and can't wait to include your family member in our family!Columbia Mountain Kennels dog boarding and day care Columbia Mountain Kennels dog training dog boarders dog sitting pet sitting services