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In appreciation of your service, we offer a 20% discount to retired or active members of the United States military. Employees of KRMC and School District 6 and Loyal Guests receive a 10% discount. And, of course, we have our Wildcat Special!  If you are traveling to support a Columbia Falls Wildcat athlete, let us know and we will take 15% off your total. (If you admit to being a Whitefish Bulldog, we just may charge you more! It's the one time in life we actually choose 'Cats over 'Dogs.  wink-wink)

Multiple feeding times and turnout times per day

Indoor kennels in a climate-controlled building

Outside play yards for supervised turnout time with friends

of similar size and energy levels

No additional charges for medications, wound care, etc

Ear scratches and belly rubs given at every opportunity

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    First Dog           $20
 Additional dogs in same kennel  are $10 each.

If dogs must be separated, single dog rate applies.

First Dog           $15

Additional dogs from same home are $10 each.

Please call 406-897-7197 for reservation.

                    Day Care Rates per day                      

Half-hour Country Walks ($10 each dog)

Town Walks ($15 each dog)

Daily Walks

                    Boarding Rates per night                      

Training Classes

Columbia Mountain Kennels


At CMK, we train you to train your dog! Will Brunz is one of just two Montana-based Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners (KPA-CTP) and teaches positive reinforcement "clicker" training. Our Pawsitive Puppy class is geared for pups 4-8 months of age and focuses on teaching you how to communicate with clicker training, which will grow into more advanced forms of communication throughout your pup's lifetime. The class is once weekly for six weeks. Each session has time devoted to the lesson and then time for learning through socialization. At this time you will also learn to read doggie body language, dog park etiquette, and safe ways to diffuse negative social situations. We also offer what we affectionately title "Anti-Hooligan" classes for any age dog! If your dog has, shall we say, less than desired levels of obedience, then this class is for you! We will teach you how to use positive reinforcement and gentle correction to modify undesirable behaviors so you have a polite, confident best friend that is a pleasure to live with. We also offer 3-week mini-classes for Total Recall and Loose Leash Walking. Give us a call or an email for specific dates and cost. If our scheduled times just don't work with your schedule, we would be happy to give private lessons at a convenient time.